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This website illustrates processes of soil parent material and landscape development. Video footage was obtained in the Rocky Mountains and southern interior of British Columbia to enable students to visualize similar processes that occurred in the past. The website also allows for an exploration of impacts of climate change on glacier retreats.

This multimedia website has been developed for postsecondary students enrolled in natural sciences courses that incorporate soil formation and classification. The specific learning objectives are to allow students to (1) identify various types of soil parent material, (2) describe soil parent materials and associated landforms, and (3) develop an understanding of the effects of parent material on soil properties.

This project has been developed through a collaboration of members of the Virtual Soil Science of BC Consortium. Funding for this project was provided by the BCcampus Online Development Fund.

For inquiries, please write to Dr. Maja Krzic at maja . krzic at ubc . ca

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